Doodh Ki Dhara

It is a special type of offering to Lord Girraji. In this milk is putted in a pot from which a small stream of milk is allowed to flow. Than this pot is taken along with the person who is doing the parikrama of Girraji. This stream should flow from the pot throughout 21Km ( the total distance which has to be covered for 1 parikrama).

There is a line in Girraj Chalisa saying  “Jo nar det dudh ki dhara | bahro rahe tako bhandara” . The meaning of this line is that once a person offers Doodh ki Dhara to Lord Girraj, his/her all the necessities  get fulfilled. He/She will remain happy throughout  his/her life.

Lord Krishna has also made all Brijwasis to offer Doodh ki Dhara to Lord Girraji. The signs of those streams of milk are still present on the Girraj parvat. So it is believed that a person, once in his lifetime should offer Doodh ki Dhara to Lord Girraj.

We organize such Doodh ki Dhara at a very lower cost. All the arrangements will be taken care by us.

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Bhandara means arranging food for poor and needy people. Bhandara can be done at various occasion like on  your birthday.You can choose the amount of people that you would like to feed.
We will print little invitation cards, like food vouchers, with the date, time and address of the event and will go and distribute them among the poor inhabitants of our area who frequently do not know from where to get food for this or the next day. Can you imagine how happy these people will be when they will come to our Ashram and get a full warm meal there? As it is a tradition in India to give also a small pocket money on these occasions everybody who comes for the meal also gets five Rupees. They will get to know that it is your day of celebration and they all will send you their blessings.


All the responsibility of organizing this bhandara will be on us. There are serviceman who will distribute food among the poor.We will take pictures of that special day and publish them on the website so that you can enjoy the happiness that your donation brought.

We organize Bhandaras at various places like Goverdhan, Mathura, Vrindavan and Barsana.

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